No matter whether you are a general building contractor who needs demolition cover in place as part of a contractors all risks policy, or a specialist demolition contractor using soft strip, ball and chain or explosives, you need to ensure you have the right insurance in place to reflect the risks you and your business might face.


We provide insurance services for a wide range of trades in construction.


At eCovers Insurance we appreciate the hard and precise work of all demolition businesses and we are well-known for offering unbeaten services and highly competitive premiums across the range of demolition insurance.

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    Key benefits:

    Cover for ball and chain

    Cover for explosives

    No height limits

    Asbestos Surveys



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    Whether you’re contracting outside services or using your own expertise, we have the right contacts to help you get your demolition project – and your construction project – the right cover. We’ll get you cover to insure you for general demolition, soft strip, ball & chain and, of course, explosives.

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