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eCOVERS Insurance Broker - Public Liability Tradesman


Builders Public liability insurance covers you for the cost of a claim made by a member of the public that has suffered injury or property damage as a result of your business or a product it has supplied.


For example, if a tool was dropped and a pedestrian was hit whilst walking past the building site of your project, you could be held liable for damages, legal fees and compensation. The same protection would apply if the tool hit a car or damaged another property. Builders Insurance Public liability cover is essential if you work in construction because it will pay out in the event that a mistake is made which causes injury to a third party or damage to a third party property.


This means that it protects you against the cost of compensation to be paid out, as well as the legal expenses incurred by the claims process.

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Key benefits:

Tool Cover


Legal Cover

Temporary Employees Covered

£1-10M Public Liability

Sub-Contractors Covered


Ask for a full package builds on your needs and stay covered as you do your fantastic work!

What does Public Liability insurance cover?

Compensation claims – if a person is injured because of your business, or their property is damaged, they may decide to sue. If their claim is upheld, you could be asked to compensate them financially for their suffering

Legal expenses – this helps cover the cost of any fees you might have to pay during a legal hearing. This includes the cost of getting a lawyer.

Cost of repairs – if a claim is made against you, cover will be provided to help you cover the cost of any legal proceedings.

Medical fees – The cost of hospital treatment (including the cost of calling out an ambulance), if the NHS chooses to claim against you.

Public Liability do not cover:

Accidents that happen to you.

Damage to your own property or accidents that affect your employees or their possessions.

Incidents like these should be covered under your general business insurance policy and / or your employers’ liability insurance policy, which is a legal requirement